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What is Presidio?
Presidio is a leading provider of IT solutions to the middle market in North America. We enable business transformation through our expertise in IT solutions, with a specific focus on Digital Infrastructure, Cloud and Security solutions. Our solutions are delivered through a broad suite of professional services, including strategy, consulting, design and implementation. We complement our professional services with project management, technology acquisition, managed services, maintenance and support to offer a full lifecycle model. Our services-led, lifecycle model leads to ongoing client engagement.
Where is Presidio’s headquarters?
Presidio is a Delaware corporation with headquarters in One Penn Plaza, Suite 2832, New York, New York 10119.
What is Presidio’s ticker symbol and where does it trade?
Presidio’s common stock trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “PSDO”.
When did Presidio become a public company?
Presidio was listed on the NASDAQ on March 10, 2017.
Does Presidio pay a cash dividend?
The Company's Board of Directors has regularly declared an interim cash dividend since September 2018. In order for you to receive the dividend, the stock must be registered in your name as of the dividend record date. The Company's cash dividend policy and the payment of future cash dividends are subject to the Board's continuing determination that the dividend policy and the declaration of dividends thereunder are in the best interests of the Company's shareholders, and are in compliance with all laws and agreements to which the Company is subject or party, applicable to the declaration and payment of dividends. In addition to these constraints, the payment of cash dividends in the future, if any, will depend upon such factors as the Company's earnings levels, capital requirements, contractual restrictions, cash position and overall financial condition and any other factors deemed relevant by the Board of Directors.
Who do I contact with questions about transferring my stock?

Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc. serves as the transfer agent for Presidio. Contact Broadridge for questions about your stock, including information on modifying your account, transferring your stock or lost stock certificates.

Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1342
Brentwood, NY 11717

Who is Presidio’s independent registered public accounting firm?
RSM US LLP is Presidio’s independent registered public accounting firm.
When does the fiscal year end for Presidio?
Presidio’s fiscal year ends on June 30 of each year.
Where can I find Presidio’s latest company presentation and earnings call information?
Please visit the Events & Presentations section of Presidio's Investor Relations website.
Who are the members of the Presidio’s Management and Board of Directors?
Please visit the Company Management and Board of Directors sections of Presidio’s Investor Relations website.
Does Presidio have a Direct Stock Purchase Plan?
Presidio currently does not offer a Direct Stock Purchase Plan. To purchase Presidio common stock, please contact a registered broker.
How can I purchase Presidio shares?
Presidio common stock can be purchased in the open market through any registered broker. Presidio does not offer a direct stock purchase plan.
How do I get added to Presidio’s email distribution list?
Please visit the Email Alerts section of Presidio’s Investor Relations website.
How do I contact Presidio’s Investor Relations department with a question or request?
Investor Relations can be reached via the Investor Resources section of Presidio’s Investor Relations website. You can also contact Presidio’s Investor Relations department via email at or by phone at 1-866-232-3762.
How can I get a copy of your Annual Report or any other investor materials?
Please visit the Financial Reports section of Presidio’s Investor Relations website. If you do not see what you are looking for, please make your request on the Investor Resources page.
How do I get copies of financial documents, such as the Form 10-K or Form 10-Q?
Please visit the SEC Filings section of Presidio’s Investor Relations website or directly from the Securities and Exchange Commission at

Do you have another question that hasn’t been answered?

Thank you for your interest in Presidio. Please note that only inquiries from investors and analysts will receive a response. Please direct all other inquiries to the Contact Us section of Presidio's website or by clicking here.

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